I wanted to share with you a very "ancient" traditional craftsmanship skill that is almost at extinction here in the Maldives. Insha Allah, I was very fortunate enough to see such a beautiful highly skilled craft work in action going on here in an island called "Haanimaadhoo" last year. It's called Fashuvi are decorative lines which are sewed on the Maldivian royal dress called the Dhivehi Libaas, presumably worn by the queen in the royal family. 

The old man in this video told us that people (young generations) don't practice this way of making fashuvi anymore. Its really sad hearing this. 

New Start

I've been considering about re-starting my blog for months now with a few changes around here.  I've discovered my passion -- digital art and now I'm pretty much addicted to it. I am aware that there are an ocean full of talented creative blogging communities out there and hope I can make a tiny contribution and maybe make a few friends along the way, learn some great tricks and have fun!  Hopefully someone will want to look at this, but if not at least I'll have a records of the things I've made here at Doodle Isle.