Watercolour 1: Experimenting

My first attempt in watercolours, I am such a newbie here ... lol. Hopefully, there will be many more to come. I kind of gained the appreciation of command Z since I really cannot amend this artwork here. 

Folklore: Mushrooms, known as "Handi Kuda" was used as umbrellas by tiny mythical creatures when it starts raining or not. Occasionally, Ms Owl too loves to chill underneath it as well.

Hukuru Miskiiy

Hukuru Miskiiy is an oldest and an ancient mosque in Male City. Built in 1656 by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, the mosque is beautifully decorated with arabic scripture on its wall. Back in the days, the mosque was divided into three sections, one for the royal families, the other for the ministers and the last one were for the commoners. Everyone gathered here to pray. 

There is also a popular folklore that narrates about a mythical creature called 'Fuludhigu Handi', who will sneak into the cemetery (adjoining to the mosque) during mid day prayer time. This creature will then dig up skulls from the graveyard and play with sand. It is to be believed that this strange mythical creature does not like to be seen by people. But it's identity was soon to be revealed when a young lady called Aaminaabi accidentally bumped into Fuludhigu Handi when she went to mosque to collect drinking water from the mosque's well one day. 

Hukuru Miskiiy is located near Munnaaru. You cannot miss it since these two unique monuments are in the same compound. 

The Munnaaru

Back in the ancient days, this beautiful monument, called the "Munnaaru" was used as a loudspeaker to call the people living in Male' City for prayers. Today, it stands as an historical building that needs frequent cleaning to maintain it's beauty.

IMG_20141202_102135 copy.jpg

Children Park and a Kimboo

I am a proud mother of two really active, cute, awesome kids and like any mommies out there I am forever trying to create a healthy active outdoor lifestyle for them. The children park (also known as 'Kuda Kudhinge Bageecha') is a really cool playground for kids (even adults too) of all ages to hang out. And believe it or not, there is actually a HUGE ALLIGATOR residing in there happily and minding its' own lonely business here in the tiny island of Male City. 



Maldives Cultural Center

This landmark building is the hub of cultural exchange between Maldives and the big countries of the world (Chinese, USA, France .... just to name a few). What really defines Maldives as a country is it's rich culture. And through these centers we are able to share our culture with the world, as well as learn about the other country's cultures too. The cultural center is also home to the Maldivian National Library and the National Art Gallery. This building is located right next to the famous Sultan Palace :D ... so you really can't miss it!