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Cafe: The Civil Coffee Society

Lately, my husband started talking about a society. Sounds to me like some sort of a secret club and I have been curious ever since. He always promises me he will take me there but fails to keep this promise until today.

As you walk into the Civil Coffee Society, you could smell the aroma of the brewing coffee and the laughter of people drinking it whilst enjoying their friend's company. This is more of a coffee hang out place with your pals. There is also this pastry showcase, which my husband persuaded me to try out. After I took my first bite of the pastry, I realized that I have tasted the most delicious creamy croissant in my life. Got me wondering, does croissant from Patisseries in Paris tastes any similar?! That is when I realized that the coffee, the pastry, the music, the charming baristas and the service staff were the main hub that makes this place such an exciting environment. The whole vibe in this place, is straight out of one of those signature coffee houses you walk into in a Mediterranean country.