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Cafe: Meraki Coffee Roasters

I may not be a coffee addict but I must admit Meraki Coffee Roasters serves delicious coffee drinks, from creamy latte to V60 coffee.  The first thing you will noticed when you walk into this cafe bar are the vintage red brick walls, giving the place a warm 18th century look. The interior design of this place is kept simple and what attracted me was the room across the bar counter where you could actually see the machine that roasts the coffee! As I took the first sip of the coffee and I glanced at the machine and I kind of understood the taste in a much more fulfilling way. When I looked back up at the barista, she told me that the coffee I just tasted came from Kenya and she went on to explain how the coffee was grown and by who and the long journey the coffee made all the way to this roastery. By the time I finished it I felt an emotional connection to the coffee, this brewery and even to Kenya. As crazy as this sounds, I thought to myself that one day I should visit Kenya and watch this coffee growers at work. One can only ask one's self how much one can express just by visiting a coffee house and having their signature coffee. But I am telling you, this is much more that just your weekly visit to a coffee shop.