Doodle Isle

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Fenfushi is a small island located in Alif Dhaal atoll. Though the island is primitive, it's got the most beautiful & clean beach I have ever seen. I was in awe to see colourful hermit crabs dancing gracefully on the beach and the washed up spongy corals which the waves brings to shore. The sunset in this island is BREATHTAKING. 

We stayed at Fenfushi Inn, a large comfortable compound which comprises of 3 a/c bedrooms, a bathroom in each room and a shared living room. The living room maybe a little uncomfortable during hot days but on rainy days, it can be cool and welcoming to lounge around. Fenfushi Inn has a huge veranda consisting of 2 huge undhoali (swing) which my kids loved to be on it. As a mother travelling with kids, do not expect this guest house to be in top-notch at cleanliness, after all this is not a five star resort we are at. 

The island shops does have basic toiletries and confectionaries so there is really no need to do unnecessary extra packing. The food is delicious at the Ekuverihiya restaurant and you will be bombarded with flies but who cares as long as the food is good .... lol. Huge black ants kept my children entertained throughout their mealtimes because these hungry little fellows kept marching all over the table looking for food (psst ... I think this is a good war strategy since our food is constantly attacked from ant foot soldiers and by buzzing airforces). I would recommend to bring your own straws, especially for the kids to sip their drink directly from the mineral bottles or canned juices. Unless you are quite resilient to germs, you can drink from the glasses they provide, but I personally wouldn't do so. 

There is an old mosque in the graveyard that has intricate patterns carved on its outside wall. Inside the mosque is filled with wooden carving work and it amazes me to see its delicate workmanship, coming era where there were no heavy machinery or electrical equipment to work on such a thing. Right in front of the mosque lies an ancient prayer pillar guide, which dates centuries back. It seems this prayer pillar helps determine when it is time to pray. There is a Preschool Playground, opened for public. It is very tidy, clean and well maintained. It seems shoes are not allowed when using the playground facilities.

And so our journey ends here. We would definitely visit this island again.

Happy Travels!